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----Suggested Amounts----
Rick's Catering recommends the following for a party of ____ people.
Pounds of Meat: ____
Gallons of each Side Item: ____
Please make your selections of meat, sides and desserts in the form below.
We will provide you with a total estimate price before you submit your order.
Pork and Beef

0 to 4lb $6.95ea || 5 to 20lb $6.65ea || 21 to 79lb $6.35ea || 80 to 120lb $6.05ea || 121+lb $5.75ea

0 to 10lb $8.95ea || 11 to 79lb $8.65ea || 80+lb $8.05ea

0 to 10lb $7.95ea || 11 to 79lb $7.65ea || 80+lb $7.05ea
Whole Ham (serves 24-30 people)
Other Meats

Gallon (Serves 30)Half Gallon (Serves 15)
Other Sides
Salads (minimum 20)
Baked Potatoes (minimum 20)
Beverages (Gallon)
Pie Slices
Whole Pies
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